‘De Honderd video’ Zaterdag 16 juni


The 100% Skateshop team from Eindhoven, Holland has worked together with filmer Paul van Nimwegen to create their new video and after 2 years of hard work it’s finally finished. After ’98 Playoffs(1998) and Dé Denk(2003) they thought it was about time for a new video!

The premiere will be on Saturday June 16 at Area 51 Skatepark in Eindhoven with a first screening at 20:00H and a second screening at 22:00H for the people who stick around for the afterparty!

The film features full lenght parts from Hein Schellekens, Othmar van Rijswijk, Remco Bens, Pim de Rijk, Stefan Peters, Willem van Dijk, Jeroen Sars, Nick Bax, Job van der Linden and Daan van der Linden.

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  1. […] Honderd video’ online in premiere op True skateboardmagazine. De skateboardvideo ging eerder fysiek in premiere in Eindhoven, Area51. In de 43 minuten durende film zijn te zien: Pim de Rijk, […]

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