Michel Majerus’ gigantic ramp painting “if you are dead, so it is”

photo: construction of the 48 meter long ramp which acts as a canvas for a painting.

This summer (from 31 May) the French museum of contemporary art (CAPC) in Bordeaux will feature the Luxembourg artist Michel Majerus. The short career of Michel Majerus coincides with two major revolutions, one technological and the other one political. The work of the Majerus shows his view on the booming international scene in 1996, just as the “birth” of the Internet. It ends in a tragic plane crash in 2002, a year after the advent of the September 11 attacks.

photo: an small overview of Michel Majerus’ work that can be found via Google Images

During the first monographic exhibition co-produced with the Kunstmuseum in Stuttgart, ATPC presents over 35 works produced by the artist between 1996 and 2002 including two monumental:

Reminder (1998): the museum has in its collection since 2007 when the company went on deposit by the National Fund of Contemporary Art. This is the first time since its inception in 1998, that the work may be remontrée through the nave of extraordinary dimensions of the CAPC.

photo: The gigantic ramp without painting yet.

If you are dead, so it is (2000): a painting in the form of a skateboard ramp 43m long, will be rebuilt for the occasion in the nave of the CAPC. Visitors can ride the ramp on  it during organized sessions.

More info: CAPC musée d’art contemporain de Bordeaux


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