14 Van De Straat

On the 14th of april PAND14, Amsterdam wil be invaded by Van de straat!
Expect more as usual on this unusual event! The location offered us tho give you an exhibition about art in its widest form, yeah we like art :)!

We’ve invited some proper street artists that will blow your mind with specially selected and new work for this exhibition!
As we said before there’s more!
After the exposition their will be a massive party, also in the building of PAND14.
You can expect the same dope-ness on the dancefloor, a massive line-up has been selected and confirmed.
They are gettin ready to their the roof down with their bass-based-soundwave guns or just plain decks, it will be sick thats fo shure!

on top of all that sweetnes, we got something special commin up for you! HIPSICK THEATRE! and its not just hipsick.. Atiq & Enk are involved in this, beware for this yet to come ‘unusual collab act’

‘Street’ Artists:


‘Audio’ Artists:
Rockfour DJ Crew
Poison Yvy (Drop!)
Funky 010 (Fakkin’ Wrede Chick)
Atiq & Enk (Mindtrick) collab with HipSick (Unusual Theatre)
Dominating Subs (Rumoer / Klub Ruis)
DMDN (Antenne / Trigga)
Junglefever (Lickshot / Bombacut / Deathsucker)

We show: Oldskool, ‘street’, characters, stencil and the authentics
We play:Hip-Hop/Breakbeats/Electro/Dubstep/Drum&Bass/Jungle/Breakcore/Booty Bass/Ghetto Tech/House/Oldschool

EXHIBITION: 12.00 21.00 damage: 0,-
PARTY: 21.00 05.00 damage: 5,-

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