Streetart VERNISSAGE Amsterdam

ASA & Aalborg present: 10:gu + 524 + Sivanski
Friday, 17 February 2012 * Time: 18:00 until 23:30
Drinks will be served! Jameson Whiskey that is.

Sivanski compilation at the ‘Van de Straat‘ exhibition in the Hague last year.

Aalborg Hotel Amsterdam, in collaboration with Project ASA (Amsterdam Street Art) are pleased to welcome three artists to the 25th Hour Lounge. 10:gu from Den Haag and 524 and Sivanski (see photo) from Arnhem.

About the artists:

10:gu mainly focuses on making stencils. His big love of Japanese culture is visible in most of his work. The artist creates posters, stickers and even tiles to represent his work on the street. Besides making art, he is also active in organizing exhibitions and similar relevant activities.

524 creates drawings mostly in black and white with a very distinct style. He loves collaborations and has therefore often created canvases and posters with Sivanski . 524 sees the street and the city as an exhibition space. “Always look around, so you see all different shapes and patterns and you are more open to everything, which is also very important.”

Sivanski is a graphic artist pur sang. Her beautiful art, in the form of (wall ) paintings, stickers and paste-ups, can be found everywhere and are usually very recognizable. 524 refers to her as a talented artist with an eccentric style known for doing her own ‘thing’. She often does collaborations with 524, but has also worked together with 10:gu, Dr Air and EGO.

The 25th Hour Lounge will be open for anyone to see the art from 17th February onwards on:

Mondays closed
Tuesdays – Fridays 11am-6pm
Saturdays & Sundays from 12- 4pm

More info:
Facebook eventpage

More Sivanski, 528 and 10:GU? Here and a video here.


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