Scene zines: Schief (Brussels, Belgium – part 2)

Yes, next magazine in our series ‘Scene zines‘ is the Brussels zine Schief.

Romario a.k.a. torturio romanoush
Thomas a.k.a. the lingerie shop boy a.k.a.Tommy
Xavier a.k.a. Xav aka The Boss

How did schief start?
Roms: schief started by an furious need from thomy and xavier to take pictures
Tommy: Put a light on our beloved skate scene and taking pics.Even non sponsos have their skate style and something to do or say.
Xav: Personnally, I was just looking for a good way to make tons of money. And also, I was a bit jealous on Wheelbite’s glory. I just wanted to kill these fuckin’ gayboarders!

Are you doing this as a fulltime job, if not what do you do in day to day life?
roms: none of us are doing it as a full time job, i work in a slaughter house, thomas works in a lingerie shop and xavier is a shark hunter.
Tommy: We never got money from skateboarding by doing the zine so it pretty much a hobby, but if someone can send us some money we would do it as a job.
Xav: Actually, reality is more like sharks’re hunting me… But anyway, it’s not a fulltime position. My carreer as an unemployed is currently at the top

So you dont have any idea how to make money with the magazine?
Roms: i don’t, maybe others have…
Tommy: Euhh…
Xav: I was thinking about the “Sex Toys” industry.. But that sounds more like a Wheelbite plan

Do you think there should be more websites/ magazines about a certain city?
Roms: yes, let’s say webzines about cities, like the skate malmo one.
Tommy: I m sure there is something to do in every city where there is a skate scene.
Xav: Webmagazines suck! Keep it real! Keep it “Passion”! Keep it paper! Let’s burn some more trees!

What is your take on print, video and online, skateboardmedia in general?
roms: i have my daily routine site check. Last skatezine i got was the 43 mag, is pretty nice, thanks rld
tommy: skateboard media that don’t publish the same international info like the last Ryan sheckler ad.
XavL A bit of everything… I hardly put money into DVD’s (except when I really wanna support) but well into magazines, more local than international but still, I like to know how the “profession” evolves, from time to time

What plans do you have for coming year?
roms: let’s start by finnishing the new schief
tommy: Yep Roms!
Xav: 2012 is not the end ?!?

Would you like to add anything?
Roms: skate and enjoy as some famous guy said.
Tommy: I’m not working in a lingerie shop…
Xav: Nothing is perfect. Just do your best and don’t listen to the haters: they’re not doin’ any better shit than you do! And yeah, keep in mind that the main goal of passion is freedom, not money. And one last thing: actually, Tommy is working in a lingerie shop!

Now read Schief #1 or Schief #2 or check out their website on

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