GRAVIS ‘creative departures’. Brief intro by Kevin Tshala [video]

Art and skateboarding. A comfortabel combination. Taking photos of your friends or teammates seem to be second nature to skateboarders. The photo exhibition ‘creative departures’ shows just that. Pictures by GRAVIS riders on tour, looking for spots or skating. We co-published an article on with some photos of the exhibition.

Skateboarder Kevin Tshala talks about what he thinks about this exhibition and why it is important that skateboarders get creative. And just to avoid any misunderstandings: Kevin does not skate for GRAVIS. Tomorrow we’ll feature an interview with one of the GRAVIS riders / photographers; Arto Saari, Ryan Allen, Javier Mendizabel, Matthias Fenneteux, or Mark Oblow? Who will know. So stay tuned.

Signing of, Su Heart

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  2. […] nummer 1 Best bekeken post was het interview met Kevin Tshala dat Su Heart deed in Antwerpen tijdens de ‘Gravis creative departures’ expositie. […]

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