Featuring: Joseph Loughborough

Joseph Loughborough or simply Joe, is an artist from London, England. Joe’s someone who’s always made art and decided a few years ago to go and try to make a living out of it. In october 2010 he had an artshow together with Ben Slow in Paris on a boat next to the Notre Dame. A good reason to meet up with the man.  We ended up having a good conversation about his work and how he goes by as  a starting artist.


[Joe] “I get inspired by lots of different things. Sometimes it can be a good night out. But it could also be my girlfriend, or somebody else’s art that gets me stoked up. Antything really. Just to enduce that little feeling to go and create. But i’ll tell you what i do always like. Human form and faces. Even when i make abstracts, they always have some kind of root with the human form. I find that interesting.

Skateboarding & art

I reckon i still skate 2 or 3 times a week. It’s something i’ve done all my life. So when i’m feeling not too good sometimes and go out for a skate it can make it better. Sometimes it can make it worse depending on whether i’ve had a good skate or not.  Skateboarding and art: I don’t reckon you can see a direct link. But for me it has influenced the direction i’ve taken within the art world.”

Living off your art

Making money with something you love, is probably the ultimate dream of many. But actually making a living out of being creative is not something that can be done easily. Apart from how much you need to make, as a starting artist it can be hard to decide what the turning point. When do you decide to fully go for it. Because we all know that in order to be successful you need to be able to focus 200% on your work. [Joe] ” It’s always nice to be doing what you want to do.  Even if that means you’re sort of scraping by.”  [Ben Slow joins the conversation] “ It’s not a decision made lightly. You need to be forced into it. [Joe] “For me, it was a bit like, i’ve got nothing else to loose. So why not make art “ [Ben] “It’s kind of like, if i’m going to do it, it’s going to be now. Like, I was selling some work but not enough to make a regular income. And I just kind of went like ‘ fuck it’. [Joe] “ I think you have to be a little bit brave. [Ben] Or stupid!

photo: Joe in front of his work on a wall in London

More Joe? Check  out his website: www.josephloughborough.co.uk

Itw: Andre Langeveld

Ph: Su Heart

Thanks to John Winter for providing us with a place to crash.

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